Southwest Michigan Wineries

Discover the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail: Wineries in Southwest Michigan

Have you recently indulged in the exquisite wines produced in Southwest Michigan? Picture deep, rich reds bursting with flavor and full-bodied allure. Or perhaps you prefer the crisp, sparkling whites with a subtle hint of fruity delight?

If your response is negative, it’s time to start planning an unforgettable road trip or a quick getaway to Southwest Michigan. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled experience of Michigan perfection captured within a glass of wine.

In this article, we will unveil our handpicked selection of top-notch wineries along one of Michigan’s most cherished wine trails. To assist you in locating these remarkable destinations, we have also provided a helpful map.

southwest michigan wineries

Discovering the Wineries in Southwest Michigan

Situated in the Lake Michigan Shore AVA (American Viticultural Area), the southwest region of Michigan is home to some of the finest wineries in the state. This area boasts an extensive collection of diverse wines, thanks to the unique “lake effect” weather that graces the Lake Michigan coastal region.

Together, these wineries form the renowned Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, surrounded by vast vineyards, farms, and orchards, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Stretching from New Buffalo along the Lake Michigan shoreline to South Haven and inland to the Kalamazoo area, this trail promises a captivating journey.

As you traverse this scenic route, you’ll encounter rolling hills that make up Michigan’s famed “Fruit Ridge,” adorned with sprawling farmlands and serene inland lakes.

lake michigan shore wine trail

Exploring the Southwest Michigan Wine Trail

Our comprehensive guide to the southwest Michigan wine trail will introduce you to an array of fabulous local wineries nestled within the fruit ridge area. Here, the vineyards and wineries produce an expansive variety of wines, ranging from robust and full-bodied reds to delicate and effervescent whites. These wines possess rich flavors that can only be achieved by Michigan’s exceptional grapes.

If you’re eager to experience wine tasting the Michigan way, we highly recommend embarking on wine tasting tours along this bountiful and magnificent trail.

wineries in southwest michigan

Wineries near New Buffalo, Baroda, and Berrien Springs

Your journey commences in the southwestern-most corner of the state, where the wineries in New Buffalo and Union Pier, Michigan, alongside the charming neighboring towns, leave a lasting impression. Set amidst the gentle sandy dunes along the picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline, New Buffalo provides an ideal starting point for your wine tasting adventure along the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.

In the delightful Baroda area, you can explore not only wineries but also a plethora of interesting historic sites, enhancing your Michigan travel experience.

St. Julian Tasting Room in Union Pier

Situated in Union Pier, this cozy tasting room is an extension of the larger St. Julian Winery in nearby Paw Paw, MI. With an outdoor deck that offers a comfortable ambiance, you can enjoy a wide selection of St. Julian favorites and even savor their delightful cocktails.

Hickory Creek

This distinctive small-batch winery crafts exquisite European-style wines using locally grown grapes. Whether you visit their tasting room or relax on the inviting patio, be sure to sample their exceptional Syrah or indulge in the Blue Star White wine, named in honor of the historic Blue Star Highway.

Dablon Vineyards Estate Winery & Tasting Room

Located in the heart of Baroda, MI, Dablon Vineyards Estate Winery is known for producing award-winning wines at their small-batch winery. Indulge in their deeply-flavored, rich reds, with the Carmenere being a personal favorite.

Red Top Winery

The atmosphere at Red Top Winery exudes fun and lightheartedness, which is perfectly reflected in their wines. Step into their contemporary tasting room and embark on a delightful journey of exploring various wines, some of which are aged in rum, tequila, cognac, and bourbon barrels.

Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant

At Tabor Hill Winery, you have the option of indulging in a tasting experience in the elegant Estate Room or on the spacious patio, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a delightful meal at their full-service restaurant. We highly recommend trying their Traminette, a light and semi-sweet white wine.

Round Barn Estate Winery, Brewery, and Distillery

Immerse yourself in the charm of this unique winery, situated within a turn-of-the-century Amish round barn. The Round Barn Estate Winery offers not only exceptional wines but also its own hiking trails, providing an eclectic and enjoyable experience. You can also look forward to live music performances every weekend from May to October.

Free Run Cellars

As a boutique winery and sister establishment to the Round Barn, Free Run Cellars offers an intimate and laid-back tasting experience across two locations in Union Pier and Berrien Springs. Their small-batch wines deliver robust and delightful flavors, with their Free Run Fusion, a light and fruity white wine, being an absolute must-try.

Grand Rapids Michigan

Domaine Berrien Cellars

Renowned as a popular stop on the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, Domaine Berrien Cellars has been producing flavorful wines for over 20 years, utilizing grapes from their expansive 40-acre vineyard. Celebrated for their dry reds, any selection from their extensive offerings is guaranteed to please your palate. Make sure to sample their Red Satin, a truly delightful creation. Another highlight is that leashed dogs are welcome on the premises.

Lemon Creek Winery

Lemon Creek Winery stands as a testament to the quintessential family business. This farm, opened by the same family in 1834, began producing decadent wines 150 years later. With ample outdoor seating available, Lemon Creek Winery is a must-visit destination. While there, be sure to sample their exceptional cabernet sauvignon assortment, a true source of pride for the winery.

Chill Hill Winery

Chill Hill Winery presents an enticing selection of wines crafted by Arrowhead Vineyards, a commercial grape producer located in the Baroda area. Spanning nearly 400 acres within the Lake Michigan Shore AVA, Arrowhead Vineyards prides itself on delivering quality grapes. Chill Hill Winery opened its doors in 2019 and offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in its tasting room. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in their exquisite Ice Wine, a delightfully sweet treat.

Gravity Vineyards and Winery

Nestled amidst stunning surroundings, Gravity Vineyards and Winery captures the essence of beauty. Their spacious and comfortable deck further enhances the allure of this southwest Michigan winery. With an impressive selection of flavorful wines to choose from, be sure to try their Chocolate Cherry Dessert wine for a truly indulgent experience.

St. Joseph and Kalamazoo-area Wineries

Continuing along the trail, you’ll arrive at the scenic destination of St. Joseph, where a selection of wineries awaits, offering stunning coastal or hilltop views alongside their superb wines. As you venture further inland toward Paw Paw and Kalamazoo, you’ll discover that the wines produced in this region maintain the same high-quality and local flavors that are characteristic of the trail. Notably, St. Julian Winery holds the distinction of being Michigan’s oldest winery, adding historical significance to your wine tour. Cody Kresta Vineyard and Winery, as well as Lawton Ridge Winery, also grace the inland western Michigan area with their delightful offerings.

Kalamazoo serves as an excellent base for accommodations along the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail. However, exceptional hotels can be found throughout the entirety of the trail. Here are a few other notable stops you wouldn’t want to miss:

White Pine Winery (White Pine Winery and Tasting Room is also located in downtown St. Joseph)

Owned and operated by an award-winning winemaker, White Pine Winery focuses on producing classic wines. Their charming downtown St. Joseph tasting room offers a fun experience, complete with a variety of wine-themed gifts to peruse while you savor their wines. Be sure to try their white sangria, as it ranks among the best we’ve ever tasted.

St. Julian Winery

For nearly a century, St. Julian Winery in Paw Paw, Michigan, has been crafting wines in the fruit-growing region along the shores of Lake Michigan. With over 100 award-winning products in their portfolio, including wines ranging from internationally recognized dry wines to sweet wines, classic dessert wines, and innovative creations, St. Julian Winery has something for every discerning palate. Keep an eye out for their popular Blue Heron wine, presented in its distinctive blue bottle—a true Michigan favorite.

Cody Kresta

Nestled within a vintage 1882 homestead, Cody Kresta is a small, boutique winery that specializes in handcrafted wines. All their grapes are grown in the Lake Michigan Shore area, showcasing the versatility and delectable qualities of Michigan wines. During your visit, the Tuscan-inspired tasting room offers the opportunity to sample a range of wines, including Chardonnay, Traminette, Riesling, Vidal, Rose, Cabernet Franc, and a House Red Blend. We highly recommend trying their semi-sweet 2016 Traminette; it’s well worth the trip.

Lawton Ridge Winery

With a focus on producing food-friendly wines, Lawton Ridge Winery has carved a niche for itself as one of Michigan’s oldest wineries, boasting a history of wine production since 1974. This small-batch winery offers a comfortable and friendly ambiance for wine enthusiasts. When visiting, don’t miss the chance to savor their slightly spicy white Traminette, a true delight for the senses.

Karma Vista Vineyards

Situated amidst a pristine vineyard and orchard setting, Karma Vista Vineyards captivates visitors with its picturesque beauty. Their Ryno Red, a semi-sweet red wine suitable for both cooking and sipping, has become a kitchen staple for many. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings and relish the unique experience this winery has to offer.

Contessa Wine Cellars

Located in Coloma, southwest of South Haven, Contessa Wine Cellars is a small winery that boasts a wide variety of wines. Visit their elegant tasting room, reminiscent of an Italian villa, and indulge in the breathtaking orchard vistas from the European-style terrace overlooking Coloma Valley. A must-try wine from their selection is the sweet red Dolce Vita, perfect for creating delicious Sangrias.

Lazy Ballerina

Downtown St. Joseph is home to Lazy Ballerina, Southwest Michigan’s only women-owned winery, which features tasting rooms in both St. Joseph and Bridgman, Michigan. Their Weko Beach White, named after a local beach, is a light and refreshing wine that is sure to please.

Wineries from South Haven to Holland and Grand Rapids

Embark on a delightful trail that stretches between South Haven and Holland, encompassing a selection of wineries to cater to every discerning palate.

South Haven boasts Cogdal Vineyards, a local family business that takes immense pride in its offerings.

As you venture further north, you’ll discover Fenn Valley Vineyards, a picturesque destination that exudes the perfect ambiance of wine country.

While Holland is renowned for its vibrant tulips, it also hosts the highly anticipated Annual Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival, an event that holds great significance along the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, attracting wine enthusiasts from far and wide. Unsurprisingly, this has made Holland a popular base for those exploring the trail.

12 Corners Vineyards

Delight in the remarkable wines produced by this distinguished vineyard, sprawling across a 115-acre estate adorned with both vinifera and hybrid grape varieties.

The tasting room at 12 Corners, located in downtown South Haven, offers an exquisite selection of wines, including Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, and more. Notably, the oak barrel-aged Marquette, a dry red wine boasting delectable hints of blackberries and cherries, complemented by a gentle touch of black pepper, has garnered much acclaim and remains a cherished favorite among patrons.

Cogdal Vineyards

Immerse yourself in a world of innovative wines within the intimate setting of this charming, family-owned winery, situated a mere half mile away from the pristine shores of Lake Michigan.

Apart from the traditional red and white varieties, Cogdal Vineyards proudly crafts a unique Maple wine, utilizing maple syrup harvested from their very own vineyard. Their collection of “Little Man” wines, renowned for their exceptional blends, is particularly noteworthy. Make sure to savor Nana’s Kiss, a fruity rosé that has earned numerous accolades.

Fenn Valley

Located north of South Haven in Fennville, Fenn Valley is an esteemed vineyard that has received widespread acclaim and is an essential stop on the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.

Aside from offering wine tastings and educational wine tours, Fenn Valley warmly invites guests to relish a glass of wine paired with delectable small plates. Stroll through their actual vineyards used for production, basking in the breathtaking Fennville Estate. Consider adding the dry, red Capriccio to your list of must-try wines.

Wineries in the Grand Rapids Area

If you find yourself longing for company in the quaint coastal towns, fear not, for there are a couple of wineries located not too far from the festival grounds in Grand Rapids.

Downtown Grand Rapids presents enticing options such as Cascade Winery, the city’s oldest winery, where you can indulge in a taste of their exceptional offerings. Alternatively, for an unforgettable culinary experience, Forty Pearl offers the finest food and wine pairings, promising a delightful feast for your senses.